Art Mediums

Big Fish--Blueberry 2

Big Fish--Blueberry 1

Become Butterfly










Mr. Da Qian


Free Trip




The volcano

The fire

The door



Red wizard No.2

My fairy tale

My beast

My baby

Mr. Deer and the fire

Just for the snowflake

In front




Blue stone

Bake arse

A Wild Grass

A ray of sunshine

Refraction effect

New Clothes

Little world

pond pine


Wheat field plan3

Wheat field plan2

Wheat field plan1

Lonely Planet 4

Lonely Planet 2

Vertical scenery

The Nature Research Section

Lonely Planet

Black Bamboo

Young Person 3

Young Person 2

Young Person 1

White-collar Workers

The Water Demon

Rubbish Time

Purple 2

Dark Blue

A red ribbon1940

Little Portrait

Little Portrait



Su Wu Herds Sheep BC154-BC73

The portrait of a lady

Moon is in full bloom

Myth 1956

Tsing Yi

Before tasting



Bloom to the end

Freda 1907-1954

Freda 1907-1954

In the bloom of youth 1980

In the bloom of youth 1920

Dail 1904-1986

Spring back to the land 1961

Chen Jiao 2016

All over the world

Ride the wind and cleave the waves

Burry the flowers

Sunrise in the morning

Fog locks the strait

Sail in fog night

Divine troops landing from the sky

The Pacific

Beauty on the stone

Hard to leave

Twilight on the lake

Maiden in the early 20th century

Strive in forest sea

Forest sea and snow plain

Red army

Wind car and Cloud horse

Walk every step

The single ship by the sea

Blue Ocean and clear sky

Greenwaves and hiden fragrance

White Tiger Hall

Right to Left No.1

Where to go?NO.31

Where to go?NO.30

Where to go?NO.29

Where to go?NO.28

Where to go?NO.23

Where to go?NO.21

Where to go?NO.17

Where to go?NO.16

Where to go?NO.15

Where to go?NO.14

Where to go?NO.11

Where to go?NO.10

Where to go?NO.9

Where to go?NO.8

Where to go?NO.7

Where to go?NO.6

Where to go?NO.5

Where to go?NO.3

Where to go?NO.2

Where to go?NO.1

Lost NO.2

The city without air NO.3

The city without air NO.2

The city without air NO.1

Still life NO.10

Still life NO.9

Still life NO.1

Blank Essence#1

XX Hours XX Minutes

-∞.cobalt yellow

-∞. Purple O2

-∞ . #9

-∞ . #8

-∞ . #7

-∞ . #6

-∞ . #5

-∞ . #2

-∞ . #1

119 Hours 45 Minutes

119 Hours 5 Minutes

118 Hours 27 Minutes

Acting School

Ivory tower

Utopia NO.3

Utopia NO.2

Utopia NO.1

The Scapegoat

World Outlook

Migrate NO.6

Migrate NO.5

Migrate NO.2

XX Behind The Screen

The lost deer

Grey ape

Thinking about me NO.2

Thinking about me NO.1

Piano Music 66#

Weigh Up Elephant

A Different World NO.2

A Different World NO.1

Them 7

Them 6

Them 5

Them 3

Them 1

2014heart 59

Heart 61

Heart 35

Heart 34

Heart 33

Heart 24

Heart 21

2017hear 11

2017hear 10

2017hear 9

2017hear 8

2017hear 7

2017hear 6

2017hear 5

2017hear 4

2017hear 3

2017hear 2

2017hear 1

2016hear 11

2016hear 10

2016hear 9

2016hear 8

2016hear 7

2016hear 6

2016hear 5

2016hear 4

2016hear 3

2016hear 2

2016hear 1

2015hear 36

2015hear 32

2015hear 8

2014heart 58

Time and Existence No.16

Time and Existence No.15

Time and Existence No.14

Time and Existence No.13

Time and Existence No.12

Time and Existence No.11

Time and Existence No.10

Time and Existence No.9

Time and Existence No.8

Time and Existence No.7

Time and Existence No.6

Time and Existence No.5

Time and Existence No.4

Time and Existence No.3

Time and Existence No.2

Time and Existence No.1

Normalcy No.37

Normalcy No.36

Normalcy No.35

Normalcy No.34

Normalcy No.33

Normalcy No.32

Normalcy No.31

Normalcy No.30

Normalcy No.29

Normalcy No.28

Normalcy No.27

Normalcy No.26

Normalcy No.25

Normalcy No.24

Normalcy No.23

Normalcy No.22

Normalcy No.21

Normalcy No.20

Normalcy No.19

Normalcy No.18

Normalcy No.17

Normalcy No.16

Normalcy No.15

Normalcy No.14

Normalcy No.13

Normalcy No.12

Normalcy No.11

Normalcy No.10

Normalcy No.9

Normalcy No.8

Normalcy No.7

Normalcy No.6

Normalcy No.5

Normalcy No.4

Normalcy No.3

Normalcy No.2

Normalcy No.1


The image under the pink

Of the year

Two greens


Another angle

At that moment

Time Pass

The Thing of One Day

The Debate about Tomorrow

Go and Back

Another Description

Warm Return

The land of indemnity No.4

The land of indemnity No.3

The forgotten time

The Fish’s Tears

Stray trip NO.1

Silence of the jungle

See The Sea

Ruins&Realm No.4

Ruins&Realm No.2

Ruins&Realm No.1


Left Wing

Lake Breeze

Keep The Summer Wind

Fragments of amnesia No.4

Disorderly land- disillusion

Can't see the tear

All of a sudden

Across the sky of the rainbow

Young Eliza



Warm Plants

Warm light

Up in the wind

Thin Color Porch

The Wind of Violets

The wild goose is crossing

The poetry, to the kid

The Light From The Far City

The dust of music

The Attitude of The Forest

Sweet spread 2

Secret Mirror

Salty in City

Sad sweetness

Quiet balance


Pretend To Fly

Please like me

Perfect Flowers

Paradise 2

Paradise 1


Morning, Dec. 19th

Maybe in the past

Magnificent Performance

Lonely game 2

Lonely game 1


Late to snow

Fish goes by


Find yourself No.2

Find yourself No.1

Fetish · The Fishes No.2

Fetish · The Birds No.2

Fetish · The Birds No.1

Fetish · Medicine-Chest

Fetish · Lovely Rabbit

Empty leave

Drift Roof Of The Singing

Diffuse Light

Blue Valance

Big Fish

At the beginning of verdant awn

Adventurous Sail